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Department History

The History and international Studies Programme of the University of Calabar is designed to enable students acquire good grasp of the content and methodology of Nigerian and African History in the context of World History, and to develop the abilities and benefits traditionally associated with historical study such as critical, analytical faculties, and balanced judgment.

Furthermore, the programme reflects the belief that a proper understanding of History, apart from being indispensable to the education of any civilized man, should provide some perspective to related subjects in the humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences. The overall University programme caters for this multi-disciplinary approach to the study o the development of human society.

Although the programme emphasizes Nigerian and African history in that order, the realities of our shrinking world necessitate the comparable development, in the long run, of other major areas of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. These regional studies and the recent injection of courses in International Relations and Diplomacy are meant to emphasize the international dimensions of historical studies. This would give the students opportunity to appreciate the main economic, political and social forces that have shaped would historical events