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Faculty of Arts History

At the inception of the University of Calabar in October 1, 1975, the Faculty of Arts was one of the first Faculties established for academic purposes. Faculty of Arts comprises the following.

  • English and Literary Studies
  • History and International Studies
  • Modern Languages and Translation Studies
  • Linguistics and Communication Studies
  • Philosophy
  • deans_statement Studies and Cultural Studies
  • Theatre and Media Studies

The above named Departments make up the area of knowledge frequently known as the Humanities. The Faculty reflects the interest of people in themselves and in their role in the world they live in. It also attempts to give men and women an understanding not only of culture and the society, but also of the ideas, values and aspirations of humankind.

Through Literature, Art and Drama, the student in Theatre Arts studies man's expression of beauty and through History he looks at the past, the deeds of our ancestors and how they enable us to understand ourselves and our present world.

In Religion and Philosophy, he studies mankind's search for knowledge and understanding of both the immediate world around us and the unseen world. He studies language, the means by which we communicate with one another, the means by which we express our knowledge and transmit it to our children.

The Faculty of Arts is headed by the Dean, who co-ordinates the activities of all its Departments.